Our Sand and
Finish Philosophy

At Prewitt Hardwood Floors, Inc., our goal is to provide the cleanest, flattest and best protected floors in the industry. Non conscientious mechanics can over sand your floors, thus reducing the over-all life of your floors. Use of the wrong finishes or finishing procedures that allow deep wood penetration will require over-sanding at a future refinish. Our goal is to provide you with the most durable topical finishes in the industry. With proper care and maintenance a hardwood floor can last over 100 years. We use BONA KEMI’s commercial grade finishes and pride ourselves with giving you a floor and finish that can last a life time. Give us a call and we can explain the differences between oil modified, Swedish, low VOC water-base, penetrating oils and ultraviolet cured finishes. All are available in multiple sheen levels and each hold their own advantages. We can provide hundreds of stain color options and many finish options to custom cater to your specific needs and life style.

Handcrafted Floors by Master Carpenters

Dust Control Options
As our industry has evolved, we now have the option to keep the dust and inconvenience out of your home. We have made this a priority and are on the cutting edge of this technology. Dust control comes in four different forms. When you get competitive estimates for your project, many contractors will say that they contain dust, but most have inadequate systems.

The “old school” method is to hang plastic and use cloth bag collection on their equipment, vacuuming up when done. This method has created many home-owner horror stories and a negative view of our industry.

The next advancement has been to hang plastic and attach shop vacuums to the sanding equipment. This is limited by the pull of the vacuum, the effectiveness of the skirting and the maintenance of the equipment. We have moved beyond both of these methods.

The next method which we offer at no additional charge is true dust containment. This utilizes a powerful vacuum and cyclone action to collect the dust. Fine filters should be utilized on the equipment. Maintenance and attentiveness to the tools and hoses are a must. Though these systems boast over 90 percent containment, I believe it is closer to a little over 80 percent since the vacuums are containing dust in the home and the reservoirs must be emptied often. Combined with a little bit of clean up and detailing, this has been a very successful system.

Dust Extraction
For the customer that wants all dust captured this is the system. We do charge additional due to the expense of running and maintaining the equipment. We utilize a 29 h.p. curb mounted vacuum that over powers all equipment and pulls the dust to the curb. This method has proved to be 100 percent dust free.